It is normal that the markets change from year to year, there are some new ones and some previous ones weren’t successful enough or will not be continued for other reasons. Here is a summary of how 2016 looks like.

  • Two years ago Dublintown ran a Christmas market along Stephen’s Green. They said it was a success, the market traders and visitors didn’t agree however. Last year and this year, that side of St. Stephen’s Green is not accessible because of the LUAS work, so the market couldn’t continue even if it had been a success. But you could say, it was not very smart to run it at that location if it could only run for one year.
    In 2016 there will be NO Christmas Market at St. Stephen’s Green!
  • Until two years ago there was a market in a straight line down Dame Court, but in 2016 there will be NO Christmas Market in Dame Court!
  • When the first Christmas Market came to Ireland about 8-10 years ago it was organised by a German company that was brought in by the Dublin Docklands Authority. It worked for a few years in a somewhat difficult location, but then some Irish company had the genial idea that they could do it better … and failed.
    After no market at George’s Dock in 2014, the “I believe in Christmas” market promised to be different and to be amazing and be the best thing since sliced pan. But visitors weren’t convinced and in 2016 there will be NO Christmas Market at George’s Dock. The “I believe in Christmas” market didn’t survive the first year.
  • There will be a market IN the CHQ Building this year, but it will be relatively small. It will run from 08-23 Dec every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but with opening hours of 11:00-16:00, it is anything but a proper Christmas market.
  • It is shocking, but that means that there will be NO outdoor Christmas Market in Dublin in 2016.
  • There will be a number of stalls in Dun Laoghaire stretched along the “Metals” and near the LexiCon, but by being stretched out like that, it most likely won’t have the Christmas Market atmosphere you would wish for.
  • The nearest proper-size Traditional/Continental-type Christmas Market to Dublin is in ……Belfast. :-O
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