After two bleak years, 2022 brings Christmas back again. There are still less Christmas Markets than in 2019 and there are oddities (like Christmas Markets where you need to get tickets) that are somewhat caused by the limitations of the pandemic years, but at least organisers are making an effort again.

This website is the only curated Christmas Market list for Dublin and this year, it will be just that again: A list! But we upgraded the website and will have a lot more opportunities to provide improved content from now. We might even add a picture gallery at some stage. ;-)

So if you want to find a “Christmas Market near me” or just every single one in the list of “Christmas Markets Dublin 2022”, you will find them on this website.

The Christmas Market Dublin Castle, called “Christmas at the Castle” is on this list, but in their wisdom, the organisers took the highly unusual step (for Christmas Markets) to limit admission to ticket holders and all tickets are gone. :-(

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