Christmas is over, December is coming to an end and all Christmas Markets in Dublin 2022 are closed now.

On one hand it was a good year: Firstly, Christmas and Christmas Markets were back. Secondly, many of the pre-2019 markets were operational again and in addition there were some new markets.

On the other hand, there are improvements needed: The Christmas at the Castle Market at Dublin Castle was better than in previous years, but the decision to give the appearance that (free) tickets are needed to get into the market was a wrong decision. Tickets for a free market event do NOT work! In the end the question also has to be asked if it really was just giving the appearance that tickets are needed or if it was planned at some stage to really check the tickets. Tickets were not checked and the market was never over-crowded, but many people who would have loved to go, didn’t even make an attempt out of fear they would get rejected.
The second problem is that there are tooooo many “Markets at Christmas” that have nothing to do with a real Christmas Market. It is just not good enough to have some stalls in December selling random goods and to then name this event a Christmas Market. The quality of the markets needs to improve!

In summary: It is GREAT that the markets are back and that more organisers were brave enough to give it a go. Improvements are needed, but hopefully the central market at Dublin Castle will stay and the other markets will get better.

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