Great News: The Dublin Christmas Markets website is back again in 2019. I can’t remember how many years back it all started, but it is reliable fixture in the Dublin pre-Christmas period. …unlike good Christmas Markets much less reliable.

This year it looked EXTREMELY bleak! There will be no more Christmas Markets at the chq Building (ever again!) and even the big “Market at Christmas” (It was not really a Christmas Market.), the Dublin Christmas Flea Market, near the 3Arena was cancelled a few months back. So it looked worse than ever before in the last 12-15 years.

But suddenly news emerged that, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, a new Christmas Market will be created for us in Dublin this year!

For years I am preaching to everyone who wants to hear it (and everyone who doesn’t! ;-) ) that the one perfect location for a Christmas Market in Dublin would be the courtyard of Dublin Castle and I couldn’t believe it when I heard that the new Christmas Market in 2019 will be … in the Courtyard in Dublin Castle. It will be a small-ish market with 30 stalls, but the super-successful Christmas Market in Belfast in front of the City Hall, also only has 30 stalls!

Let’s help this market to be successful, so that it is not a 1-year market and instead will be there many many years. I hope for a magical atmosphere in the great courtyard of the castle!

There will also be a great number of other markets and they are all mentioned on this website like every year!

The Christmas Lights were – for the second  year – switched on without any big events because Dublin City was afraid of the crowds this event attracted in previous years. This is a little odd, because the All Ireland Gaelic Football Championship was celebrated with around 15,000 people around Merrion Square, so would think that there are ways of doing a mass event. :-O

If you know about any Christmas Markets that are not mentioned on this website, send a mail to

Have a great pre-Christmas period!


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