Christmas Lights

Christmas Light Ceremonies take place VERY early in Dublin. In previous years there were many, but in 2016 there was a problem. The Grafton Street Lighting Ceremony attracted soo many people that the event had to be cancelled due to security concerns.

So it was decided to merge the Grafton Street, Henry Street and O’Connell Street events in 2017 and to run them as two parades that go from Grafton Street and from Mary Street to the Christmas Tree in O’Connell Street. The hope was that people would line the streets to watch the parade and would NOT assemble in one location. It didn’t work! There were still too many people in the O’Connell Street area and one of the two parades was stopped by the Gardai.

Back to the drawing board for 2018! Maybe we should secretly switch the lights on and then just post the video of the moment on Snapchat or Facebook? ;-)

In 2017, the dates for the Christmas Light Switch-on events are/were:

  • Dublin City Centre: Sun 19 Nov: Parades from 17:30
  • Smithfield: Sun 26 Nov @ approx. 19:15 (The Riptide Movement, Red Empire, Stanhope Street Girls Choir, Snowman – Movie Screening, Market Stalls) Entertainment + Market Stalls from 15:00-21:00

In addition numerous other parts of Dublin invite to the lighting of their Christmas Trees or Christmas Lighting in the streets and often these smaller events are only advertised locally.

All Christmas Light Ceremonies are free and everyone is welcome.

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